2012-08-27 -35 149

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2012-08-28 -35 149 north.JPG

Mon 27 Aug 2012 in -35,149:
-35.3073534, 149.2671187

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This ON a fire trail / access road within the Kowen Forest pine plantation, Kowen ACT.





Go to the forest, drive the road, take pictures.



Kowen Forest is an Australian Capital Territory Government-owned site where pine trees are grown for timber. (Kowen Forest – Area east of Canberra; 4671 hectares of plantation area; approximately 30 unplanted; age ranges between 2-34 yrs; shale based soils; rainfall 450mm/yr.) It is managed by ACT Parks Conservation and Lands.

There is a series of well-formed gravel roads through the forest, giving access to the tree areas and also providing fire breaks.

I recalled trying to get into the Kowen Forest on another occasion, and remembered locked gates. I was also in the forest for a horse trial, when the gates were open.

Over lunchtime, I went to the southern gate, just north of the driver training facility on Sutton Road. The gate was locked and had signs proscribing entry by unauthorised motor vehicles and motorbikes. I then went to the northern entrance, Seven Mile Road, also off Sutton Road, thinking that this might be open. It had a similar gate and signage. I took pictures and left the ActiveGeohashing form beside the gate.

So, anyone wishing to walk or ride in on a mountain bike will be able to get there.

And, thanks for asking; my thumb is feeling much better, and will be right in about three weeks.