2009-09-29 45 -123

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Tue 29 Sep 2009 in 45,-123:
45.5033539, -123.1947147

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Near Hagg Lake. (West of Forest Grove, Oregon).



I printed out Google Maps and programmed the GPS. My camera was forgotten at home this morning, though.


I headed out after work, but I had to get some stuff for dinner before I went to the hashpoint, which was far closer to home than to the store. The errands took longer than I expected, but I still figured I'd be able to make it close enough to the hashpoint to determine that there was no Public Access.

The hashpoint is relatively close to Hagg Lake, which is one of only a couple of county parks. Most parks in Oregon are actually State parks. It also has, as you might suspect, a large lake as part, or really most of it, so it provides water recreation options without having to travel to the Ocean or the Columbia River to the north.

However, as I got closer, it also got darker, and the rain got heavier. I finally gave up a few miles away from the hashpoint. I'm not sure I'd actually say I was a few miles away, because I couldn't find the road I was supposed to take to get to the hashpoint, so I don't really have any proof that there was a roadway that got even close to the hashpoint. Also, even if I got to the right roadway, it appears to be at least a half mile to the hashpoint, which wasn't going to work well in the rain.

I didn't have the camera with me, so I couldn't get any pictures, not that there was much to take pictures of. I'd say Mother Nature won with both of the cards that she played. I expected sunset, but the rain wasn't predictable.