2012-07-19 45 -122

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Thu 19 Jul 2012 in 45,-122:
45.4356206, -122.3694527

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A Boring field.  :-)



Head out there and get stopped by the property line


This trip was supposed to take about a half hour, so I figured I'd go by on my way to another appointment. I headed out of work and discovered that Google Maps wasn't aware of the level of construction in the area. (And neither was I!)

After a long time waiting at intersections, I finally found a road that was headed in the right direction, but it wasn't moving very fast. I rechecked the GPS and found I hadn't made it very far, and had consumed most of the time allocated for the expedition, let alone time to finish getting there and back to get to my evening appointment.

So, I gave up and turned around. It was good thing, as the traffic made getting to my appointment take even longer than expected.