2013-07-11 45 -122

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Thu 11 Jul 2013 in 45,-122:
45.5046269, -122.7675187

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Near Hwy 26 in Beaverton



Go by on my way home in the Evening


Well, it didn't look accessible, but I figured I'd try.

I programmed the coords into my GPS, but didn't get to print out a map or anything useful like that.

As it turned out, that wasn't enough. I watched the GPS count down the distance and then back up as I passed the hashpoint driving on Hwy 26. I somehow remembered that it was close in to 26, and you could go through side roads to get close, but I couldn't find the correct path as I wandered through the side roads.

Looking at the map after the fact, I don't think that I could have found my way even with a map.

I ran out of time and headed home.