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Sun 29 Jun 2008 in Budapest, Hungary:
47.6080460, 19.5754466

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Date Coordinates
Sun 29 Jun 2008 47.6080460, 19.5754466


Near Hatvan, between the villages called Tura and Galgahévíz. The point itself was on the fields, close to the local sand mine.


Dem and Tom arrived at Tura on a comfy train, carrying their bikes.

The train station is at the very edge of the village, so we rode around all the memorable places from Tom's childhood. We couldn't get a close view of the beautiful Schossberger castle since it was the day of the European football cup final, and the guard wanted to watch the match instead of guiding us around. But we got to the house on a dirty street where I had been running around as a kid, and drank cheap wine in the nearby pub after that.

We didn't actually reached the hashpoint, because we didn't feel like riding that far, but we saw the spot.