2013-11-08 27 -82

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Fri 8 Nov 2013 in I-75 Southbound:
27.7449278, -82.3824276

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Shemhazai, her husband, and their infant child were planning on traveling to Pine Island that day. Lo and behold, when we looked up Geohashes for the route there was one in Tampa just off of I-75. We didn't really want to stop, so we opted to do a as-close-as-possible drive-by instead. Probably not a true Geohash, but Shem enjoyed it all the same.


  • Shemhazai
  • Shemhazai's husband Slothe
  • Baby Z (4.5 months old)


As we approached the 27,-82 graticule, Shem turned on the GPS tracking on her cell phone and tried to get a picture as close to the coordinates as possible. Then she put her cell phone away. The end.


2013-11-08 27 -82