2013-01-13 48 8

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Sun 13 Jan 2013 in 48,8:
48.3885845, 8.0125804

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On a field/meadow in Strohbach by Gengenbach. Possibly quite close to the next houses for a midnight hash.



On Saturday morning, Frizzy and Hijackal decide to try the double hash in 48,7/48,8, given this great Saturday/Sunday opportunity.

Since the hashpoints are about 60 km by bike, they will try to sleep somehwere nearby after getting to the second hashpoint in time for a midnight hash.

It's only supposed to be a little below zero, but cold enough that a tent seems like a good idea.


The bikes needed fixing. Unexpectedly, this took over two hours and went past sunset, leaving Frizzy and Hijackal without enough time to get to the first half of the double hash before midnight...

So they went and watched burning Christmas trees instead.