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Mon 11 May 2009 in Bamberg:
49.9850210, 10.1550614

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Expedition failed!



Thepiguy didn't get off work until around 4:30, but with his two previous successes, he was feeling a bit too confident. He left home at 5:15 and planned to be at the coordinates by 6:30 so he could get home before dark. He had looked up directions and found a bike path that led almost exactly there. How hard could it be?

By 6:00, thepiguy was not only not almost at the coordinates, but he hadn't even left Würzburg. The bike path proved incredibly difficult to find what with the fact that he had absolutely no idea where he was going.

Once he finally managed to stumble across it the riding got much easier. So easy in fact that he managed to get himself all the way to the next town and lost again by 6:30.

He was now a good 12km from home and still 30km for the coordinates. Even if he somehow managed to get back on the correct bike path (as there were several leading out of town) and make it all the way to the coordinated without getting lost again, there was still no chance of making it back before dark.

"Now seems like as good of a time to chicken out as any!"

He started to follow the sign back to home, but got lost again and finally re-traced his tracks and ended on the bike path again. The path he was taking didn't way "Würzburg" but it was at very least a path and he was to afraid to leave it.

He eventually made it home safe and sound.

Time to buy a real GPS.

Final Count[edit]

Almost hit by:
1 truck
1 tram
~8 cars