2010-06-11 45 -122

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Fri 11 Jun 2010 in 45,-122:
45.3019754, -122.8102425

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South of Sherwood, Oregon



I figured I'd go after work. I printed some Google maps and programmed the GPS.


I went by home and got a little dinner before I headed out. I wanted to grab boots in case I needed them. (I already had my camera.)

I also picked up a couple of older four-footed travel companions who would go along for the ride.

And we headed out. We took a few roads heading south, and we finally got to the section of of Google Maps that I had printed out. A few more roads and I encountered a distressing sign: Detour - Local traffic only.

So, I attempted to follow the detour direction, but that went the the wrong direction and then gave up on providing any directions at all. So I backtracked to the "Local traffic only" sign and decided to pretend to be Local traffic. It appeared that most of the road was actually open at night when there wasn't any construction happening, but I couldn't make any of it match up with my map or directions.

Finally, as it got fairly dark, I gave up and headed home, having spent a half hour more than the entire trip was supposed to take. Maybe someday I'll return to try it as a Retrohash.