2012-05-05 44 -63

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Sat 5 May 2012 in 44,-63:
44.9300117, -63.7941584

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Mt. Uniacke Gold Mines.



I know Mt. Uniacke but I've never heard about these "GOLD MINES"!

In light of the current economy and the price of precious metals, we absolutely must investigate.


  • Joshua, Martha and Freyja are contemplating an expedition today... -- Joshua Bearden 09:13, 5 May 2012 (ADT)
  • Turned out to be an amazing day for this sort of thing. And once again the hash spirit showed great kindness by providing a nice road right up to striking distance. Although at 1.2km from the mark we clearly weren't going to drive any further.
  • We left the car and continued down "Beamish Rd". Beamish, though a road seemed to be moonlighting as a brook. Martha observed that Wellies would have been ideal equipment for this trek. The road wound past a few farmhouses and through a young forest, likely logged within the last 15-30 years. Only a few hundred meters after leaving the car we encountered a pair of grouse - one took flight making that startling thrumming noise.
  • Freyja found the whole thing quite hilarious right up until the last 5 minutes before returning to the car. She regaled us with droll tales, told in her incomprehensible pteradactyl-lingo.
  • Ultimately thwarted by social obligations. Expedition ended about 380m from the hashpoint because we were an hour from home and guests would be arriving for dinner imminently. Past experiences had taught us not to rely on our poodle to cover for us in such circumstances.
  • We turned back. Didn't find any gold. It was probably waiting for us at the proper hashpoint. But then again all the other geohashers who obviously arrived at 4pm would likely have cleaned it out before we even arrived.