2016-06-28 43 -71

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Tue 28 Jun 2016 in 43,-71:
43.6070574, -71.8434197

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Wooded hillside in Alexandria, NH



We set out with good intentions to go geohashing and then make a trip to nearby Welton Falls State Forest, previously scouted on 2015-06-30_43_-71. The geohash looked iffy: in pretty thick forest, requiring a longish walk through woods or a slightly shorter walk that involved crossing a brook of unknown size, with a definite possibility of No Trespassing. Immediately on departure George (driving) decided to make the Welton Falls trip first, to get the day's expedition off to a successful start and build a reserve of enthusiasm for the possibly more challenging geohash.

Well, ahem. The walk to Welton Falls was easy and pleasant, the falls were lovely, and the girls liked the water so much that they went wading - and essentially walked IN the Fowler River all the way back to the car. This took quite a while, and we were on something of a schedule since we had to be back at camp to go out for a group dinner. With a barely-adequate amount of time remaining for our geohash, we returned to the car and headed back down Welton Falls Road. Our plan at that point was to at least drive to the closest point on the road to the hashpoint, assess whether it was a clear No Trespassing, and if not, to then try to judge how long the roundtrip to the hashpoint would take. Somehow we managed to miss the turnoff toward the hashpoint, and arrived back at the main road having never seen it. We chalked it up to a kitty named Fowler River and headed home.


George, Katja, Rebekah, and Sylvia earned the It's a kitty consolation prize
by being so distracted by the Fowler River as to forget to go to the (43, -71) geohash on 2016-06-28.
2016-06-28 43 -71 006.jpg