2008-07-05 36 -86

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Sat 5 Jul 2008 in 36,-86:
36.1489437, -86.9212957

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Virgletati visited a friend here for the 4th (and for her bachelorette party!) and realized that the Saturday hash fell easily within riding access of her house. When no activities were scheduled between 3:30 and 4:50 pm, she explained to her friend about geohashing and set off for the hash on her bike. Unfortunately, she got east and west confused (yes, she knows) and had to return without achieving the hash.

Retro expedition[edit]

However! the next day, even though the hash was in a different spot, she decided to come back to this (closer) one. To her knowledge this has never been done before.

The spot[edit]

Pictures will be up when virgletati's laptop is fixed. It was very nice though! And the locals were just darling. And just a little further down a car was seen floating in the river at the end of a long ramp.