2008-12-18 33 -96

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Thu 18 Dec 2008 in 33,-96:
33.4099760, -96.5367180

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From the map, it appears to be an intersection of sorts. Farms? I'm newish to the area, so can't really recognize much from the satellite view.





Turns out, my very first day here, my home graticule has a location that appears to be reachable entirely by car. But, I started late ... by the time I got any idea at all of how to 'work' the map look up, I get a call from the SO, he's on his way home from work, and that's my cue to get dinner ready.

So... by the time I get a chance to sit down and look at things again, it's about 11pm local time. At first, I figure ... heck, I'll just wait until tomorrow, and see what the weekend locations around here look like. But, then, I take another look at the map, and it's actually an intersection of sorts. So ... why not?

My GPS is actually the Navigation application on my Blackberry, and you can't feed it coordinates, but you /can/ check to see what your current coordinates are -- given in the format that is listed last on the map look up.

So, I feed in the intersection, tell it to map me a route ... and I'm off. I grab my camera, my phone and ... I hate driving at night. I really do.

But, I do actually get there! The one (narrow) road has houses on it, pretty well spaced, and the road heading off to the west is even more narrow. That corner where the marker is, is a mass of over-the-head high growth ... if I had to guess, I'd say it was red-tipped phoetinia that was allowed to grow beyond its usual hedge-height. There were dogs in the road, so I didn't get out of the car, but I turned the display on the Blackberry to where it showed the coordinates, and it was very close. I held it up next to the clock display on the car's radio, showing I was there at 12:18. (Time and date, hey! ... except, of course, it was already the 19th by then, but I was using the hash for the 18th. So there.)

... and the batteries are weak. It takes a long time to 'write' the image to the card. I turn off the camera, to save what batteries are left, and head back home, to leave the dogs barking behind me. Once I get home, I check the picture, and ... eh, it's not the greatest, but figure, maybe I could adjust the saturation, etc, so it could be read. Turn off the camera again. Take it all in to my computer, take the card out of the camera, and put it into the card reader ... and it's gone! The pictures I took the night before of the Christmas tree are all still there, but not my documenting photo.