2010-07-28 45 -123

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Wed 28 Jul 2010 in 45,-123:
45.6315735, -123.2161395

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North of Gales Creek, Oregon.



Jim programmed the GPS and printed out a Google Map page.


I was heading out the door at work when I went to check something on the Internet. No response. Poking revealed that something was very wrong. Several hours later, the ISP has managed to fix a piece of Fibre cable that either a creature bumped or chewed through.

However, being a persistent, err, foolish, geohasher, I figured I'd still make an attempt for the hashpoint. I started out, and on the way puzzled how to make our Internet connection more robust.

Then I looked at the clock and realized something that I'd never encountered before, really. Hashpoints expire. At midnight. The hashpoint wasn't even going to be close to valid by the time I got there.

So, I gave up. Dinner seemed like a good option. The hashpoint looked interesting. Maybe I'll try for it as a Retro next time I'm that area. It's now programmed into the GPS.