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Fri 12 Jun 2009 in 41,29:
41.2262135, 29.2655484

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Just Superbest, all by his lonely self.

About and Plan[edit]

Woohoo. I'm really gonna go looking for trouble today. Well, here goes...

I have no car, no bike, no mule, no donkey. Just my feet and my wits. It is 12:40 PM. I must go to Yeditepe University and meet with a professor. Hopefully, I will stay for half an hour or so, then leave.

The spot is near a small town called Çayağzı. The Istanbul bus system calls it Riva. Their site claims I can take three buses from Yeditepe to the western edge of the town. The spot is on the east. From there I will walk. Their site claims 155 minutes, given Turkish mass transit efficiency I'll round that to 3 hours.

I won't make it to 4 PM. I will be there sometime between 5 and 7, however, I hope. If I am not on my way at 3 PM, which a little more than 2 hours from now, I will abort.

It's unfortunate I will be without a GPS or a camera. I'll manage with a printed out map. I'll content myself with leaving a note, if I get there.

The way back is "89 minutes". Two hours. I'll be home by 9-10 pm tops. I'll get some money for a cab in case of an emergency. If that doesn't work, I'll have to ask locals for help and/or hitchhike.

Whoever you are, wish me luck.

Conclusion: Aborted[edit]

The bus was late, I was late, my professor was chatty, and stuff came up. Oh, and, I fell asleep on the bus. Erm. Well the sun was very nice! And somebody's ring tone was the Pokemon theme that plays whenever the trio are walking in the wilderness.

Anyway, I was way out of my time frame, I aborted the expedition: It would've been too dangerous to go that late.


I don't have a camera, but in case you're wondering what the hell my professor was chatty about: