2010-10-23 60 10

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Sat 23 Oct 2010 in 60,10:
60.0998277, 10.5484724

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On the shore of a lake, somewhere deep in the Northern Forest (Nordmarka, northern relative to Oslo).



Cycle towards the hash, and then test how waterproof the boots are.


I cycled, but not far.

  • Cycling uphills should be more fun than downhills at these temperatures. I'm still fighting mainly with my motivation. :P I hope some of the sights can make up for that. -- relet @60,1253,10,3597 13:05, 23 Oktober 2010 (MESZ)
  • This is starting to be fun! Now cycling exclusively on snow and ice. :) -- relet @60,1221,10,3780 13:25, 23 Oktober 2010 (MESZ)