2010-10-11 45 -123

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Mon 11 Oct 2010 in 45,-123:
45.7245464, -123.2820229

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Really close to the railroad just outside the town of Timber.



Knew I was taking a trip to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville today, but didn't have the balance of the afternoon booked. I checked on the hashes this morning to see if any were feasible. This one up by Timber looked pretty promising. I saw that it wasn't far off a dirt road, but wasn't sure how passable it would be. It was worth a try, at least...


We had a great time at the museum, then got lunch and headed north from town. It was a pleasant drive up through Yamhill and Gaston and Banks, and we finally got to Hwy 26 and motored west into the Coast Range. We soon got to the turnoff for Timber, and I found the bend in the road that I'd seen on the map where the road I was looking for took off for the hash. Only it was gated. And locked. Harumph. The sign on it indicated that it was open for recreational access during daylight hours, which was a bonus. This is just the kind of hash I like--around two miles from the hash, on accessible land, most of the travel on a dirt road, followed by a short bushwhack over fairly open looking country. Only it was 4 pm. And I had a toddler with me (although I *did* have the kid backpack in the trunk!). But I was also quite sore from running the marathon yesterday. I still gave it a very serious consideration. Any two of the three issues and I likely would have done it, but with all three...I just didn't think I'd be able to get myself and the boy on a 4 mile hike there and back before we ran out of light and/or I gave out from sore muscles. Ah well. NOT this time.