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2010-04-15 45 -123

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Thu 15 Apr 2010 in 45,-123:
45.3641781, -123.1059508

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[edit] Location

In the hills south of Hillsboro, Oregon

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

Jim had been thinking all day: The hashpoint looks inaccessible, but I should give it a try.

So, when I finally finished with work, I worked on getting things together. Then Verizon showed up to work on one of our broken data circuits, so I ended up staying longer.

I eventually printed out a map which I couldn't read in the dark, and programmed a GPS.

[edit] Expedition

I went, but managed to get lost on little rural roads that don't go in the direction you expect and don't have signage you can read in the dark. So I never even got close enough to see that it was on private property. I did find a little park with a picnic area that I didn't know was there. There is a big power substation and maybe cell phone tower also. And the view of the valley is very pretty.