2016-06-17 48 8

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Fri 17 Jun 2016 in 48,8:
48.0746669, 8.1284663

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In the forest, probably steep.


Miri and RecentlyChanged (talk)


We tried. But we parked way to far away. I've marked the route we took below. We had hoped for a walk with the dog which should take about an hour or two. It was a really nice walk though with really beautiful views and the dog was finally tired after it. Sadly we missed most of a birthday party and scared Miri's family. They are not used to a hashing daughter, like my parents are used to me hashing. But after a few minutes everyone was back to normal.

Again, it was an awesome route to take. We even revisited 2015-12-01 48 8, which would have been the perfect starting point to succeed, but it wouldn't have been as beautiful


Link to a self klicked google track