2008-12-06 40 -74

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Sat 6 Dec 2008 in Springfield, New Jersey:
40.7112022, -74.3223535

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Okay, I'm lame. The geohash was right along the route where I was going anyway.

The geohash was in the woods off I-78. It was less than 100 feet off the road. But I was in a hurry, and had promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep, yada yada yada.

My google map.

Is it true that this user earned the Speed Racer Achievement?
In principle, yes.
But the geohash was not accessible from the route I was driving.
Oh, I see.
And there is some dispute over whether I need to be 10 meters from the geohash, or 100 meters. . .
. . . as there have been other speed racer geohashes that were aside of a highway. . .
Ah, yes.
And I did not, as they say, "get out and walk around", which some say . . .
Right, right . . .
. . . which some say is the whole point to geohashing . . .
Ah, yes.
Would you stop interrupting me?
Would you please stop interrupting me?
Oh, I'm terribly sorry. What were you saying?
I was saying that many people believe the whole point to geohashing is to get out and experience the location . . .
Oh, of course.
But the side of a highway is not the safest place to, you know . . .
Well, sure, sure.
You're doing it again!
Eh, what?
You wouldn't treat Noam Chomsky this way, would you?
Noam who?
Bah! This interview is over. (2008-12-06 40 -74).