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This is a list of all Geohashes reached (partly or wholly) by bike or similar vehicles. As such, it may include any expedition during which the geohashers cycled any distance in an attempt to reach the coordinates, even if the expedition does not completely qualify for the Bicycle Geohash award (for which the whole distance must be cycled, and the coordinations reached).

Geohashers are listed in descending order of total cumulative distance cycled, and expeditions for each hasher are listed in chronological order.

> 10000 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
10696 km Reinhard Five longest trips only.
2009-05-30 Babow, BB, Germany 158 km with Manu
2009-06-17 Bad Frankenhausen, TH, Germany 145 km after work
2010-04-17 Lindenau, TH, Germany 224 km
2010-05-23 Garz/Rügen, MV, Germany 139 km with Manu, but without success
2011-03-05 Double bike hash, TH+SX, Germany 139 km with Manu

5000 - 10000 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
8711 km Ekorren (full list here) Ekorren has his own Bicycle Geohashes page. This is just a summary and selection of a few notable ones. Ekorren attempted 178 geohashes by bicycle (for significant parts of the way). Also he never really used any motorized individual traffic for the way to a hash.
2008-11-15 48 9 22.69km (appr. 15.5/7.2) first bike expedition, very near location
2008-12-12 48 9 77.30km (40.03/37.27) Up a mountain, down a valley, through the fireiceswamps. One of many snow-obstacled trips.
2009-03-08 48 8 45.23km (20.76/24.47) A hardcore snow trip. Got frequently stuck in a sticky mess, and didn't reach the coordinates.
2009-03-19 48 9 46.45km (33.88/12.57) Up in the mountains, got stuck in snow again at +10°C. 980 elevation metres of significant uphill slopes and a torn tyre.
2009-08-08 48 8 113.35km (71.20/42.15) Deep into the Black Forest. See list for more Black Forest and Schwäbische Alb Madness.
2009-09-28 48 9 &
2009-09-28 48 10
156.28km (ca. 15/121/20) Bike multihash over the Schwäbische Alb into the Donau valley.
5988.7km Arvid Arvid cycled so much he made his own Bicycle Geohashes page. This is just a summary with his most notable/longest hashes. Currently Arvid did 60 expeditions by bicycle.
2008-08-25 Beltrum, Netherlands. And Greven, Germany 168.4km (31.5, 79.5, 57.4) Multihash. Distances are home->hash1, hash1->hash2, hash2->home (first documented bike multihash)
2008-08-30 Bielefeld, Germany 198.2km (121.6, 76.6) Took a train back, because of ankle injury.
2008-09-20 Kampen, Netherlands 236.9 (119.2, 117.7) Didn't go off the route as often on the way back.
2008-10-04 Tubbergen and Groningen, Netherlands 339.4km (31.2, 141.7, 166.5) Multihash on 52 6 (my home graticule) and 53 6 (Groningen). Distances home->hash1->hash2->home.
2011-05-28 Flaesheim, Germany 616.6km Combined geohashing with a 600km BRM ride

1000 - 5000 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
2021 km Manu Four longest trips only.
2009-05-30 Babow, BB, Germany 152 km with Reinhard, combined with nice tour along the cucumber bike path
2009-08-08 Rohrer Berg, TH, Germany 92 km with Reinhard, extremely bad streets for some kilometres
2010-05-23 Garz/Rügen, Germany 127 km with Reinhard, combined with a sightseeing tour on Rügen
2011-03-05 Double bike hash, TH+SX, Germany 139 km with Reinhard
1995 km +
13470 m uphill
("100% bike" expeditions only)
Special trips only, I did 62 in total (+1 without success). Full list can be seen here.
2008-09-07 Zielona Góra, Poland 32 km (16km+16km) Used a leased bike. My first expedition
2008-09-20 Würzburg, Germany 60.2 km (29.7+30.5) First expedition in my home graticule. 420 m uphill
2009-07-06 Bamberg, Germany 16.6 km (14.6+2) In mortal danger because of a thunderstorm. 170 m uphill
2010-06-13 Bamberg, Germany 64.4 km (32.3+32.1) My longest bike expedition.
1805km thepiguy Favorite trips only. Complete list is here.
2008-08-16 Victoria, Canada 170km How else was I supposed to break in my new bike?
2008-09-01 Pender Harbor, BC 237km Went 8.5km by kayak too!
2008-09-21 Vancouver, BC and Nanaimo, BC 167km Multihash!
2008-10-26 Sooke, BC 171km Back on my favorite trail!
2009-04-16 Blaine, Washington 111km First border hash.
2009-05-16 Hollenbach, Germany 140km Didn't die on my first big bike trip in Germany!
1262.10 km Robyn Showing longest rides only. Full list here. Robyn has attempted 22 geohashes at least partly by bicycle.
2008-07-05 Surrey 63.2km return Just missed meeting other geohashers.
2008-09-13 Maple Falls, WA 129 km (76, 53) Distances given exclude portions on public transit.
2008-09-21 Vancouver & Nanaimo, BC 128.27 km (68, 60) Multihash, distance by ferry not included.
2008-09-27 Everson, WA 114.9 km (86, 29) Took the bus part of the way back
2009-04-05 Lynden, WA 55.9 (forgot to record splits) Took public transit to get over the Fraser River.
2009-04-16 Blaine, WA 53.8 (return) Took transit the rest of the way.
2009-04-22 Langley, BC 87 km (return) zeroed odometer w/o recording decimal
2009-04-23 Orcas Island, WA 68.0 km (return) other modes: car & ferry
2009-05-02 Silver Lake Park, WA 180.73 km (96.66, 84.07) combined two geohashes in an overnight camping trip, additional distance done on transit
1000.45 km Eupeodes See Expeditions page

500 - 1000 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
953.4 km Benjw Longest trips only (in date order); full list at User:Benjw/Bike expeditions.
2009-04-23 52 -0 and 52 0 59.8 km (25.5, 28.3, 6.0) Double hash; distance is home -> 52,-0 -> 52,0 -> home. First double hash by bike.
2012-08-24 52 -0 and 52 0 80.8 km (29.2, 28.2, 23.4) Double hash; distance is home -> 52,-0 -> 52,0 -> home.
2012-09-12 52 0 and 52 -0 61.5 km (28.0, 14.9, 18.6) Double attempt; distance is home -> 52,0 -> 52,-0 attempt -> home.
2012-09-17 Cambridge, UK 126.5 km (65.9, 60.6) Took seven hours due to fields and crap farm tracks. Longest trip so far.
717.62 km Elbie User:Elbie/Bicycle geohashes

100 - 500 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
430km dawidi User:Dawidi/Bicycle Geohashes
415.0km Nick Holden 2013-05-25 Short Heath, Derbyshire, UK 97.9km (48, 28, 22) It was Mouse Over Day and #towelday, so it deserved a special effort.
2013-06-01 Anstey Lane, Leicester, UK 45.0km (12,33) So nearly a tron achievement. So, so nearly.
2013-06-08 Long Itchington, Warwickshire, UK 108.8km (53.6,55.2) I am never cycling near Rugby again.
2013-06-18 Stanton Under Bardon, Leicestershire, UK 55.3km (19.8,35.5) Not counting the ride to work in the morning, what with the getting off for six hours in between.
2013-07-13 Egleton, Rutland, UK 58.8km (52.4, 6.4) Double Yerevan, but no cigar.
2013-08-04 Thurlaston, Leicestershire, UK 34.2km (11.9, 22.3) Got the Tron achievement into the bargain.
2013-08-22 Baza, Andulucia, Spain 15.0km (7.4,7.6) Drag-along Virgin combo, which isn't quite as neanderthal as it sounds.
398.4 km Koepfel see User:Koepfel/Bicycle Geohashes
284.08km Mystrsyko Complete list of bike hashes 57.29 longest
196km Tom Top3 100% bikeback trips only. The complete list is here.
2008-06-22 Budapest, Hungary 64km Photo proof here, map here.
2008-07-27 Budapest, Hungary 40km Map here.
2008-10-31 Budapest, Hungary 46km Map here.
176.71km myka 2009-02-14 Melbourne East, Australia 39.71km (~19.85km each way) My bike enjoyed stopping at the lake. Unfortunately it picked up a slow puncture on the way home.
2009-02-21 Melbourne West, Australia 64.08km (27km there, the rest back) No trespassing. The hash point was inside a house.
2009-03-07 Bendigo, Australia 34.27 km No trespassing. Since I found the front gate, I also found the sign. Also, my bike had fun Inside a tree
2009-03-15 Bendigo, Australia 38.65 km (20.13Km, 18.52km) Success. Was able to claim the Virgin Graticule this time. Bike at the hash
176.4km Hermann
Hamburg, Ger
2008-05-26 45.5km (23.5km, 22km)
2008-06-03 38km (33.1km, 4.9km) returned by train
2008-06-24 24km (12km, 12km)
2008-06-29 26.9km (14km, 13.9km)
2008-08-06 42km (22km, 20km)
114.6km MagicIan 2010-03-28 Norwich, United Kingdom 34 km
2010-07-25 Norwich, United Kingdom 64.2 km
2010-08-20 Norwich, United Kingdom 16.4 km
113.9 km Sara 2009-08-07 42 -72 30 km (15km, 15km)
2009-11-03 41 -72 40.5km (20 ,20.5) Didn't make it to the coordinates, due to No Tresspassing
2012-05-27 42 -72 43.4km (21 ,22.5) Returned by different route. Didn't make it to coordinates, due to GPS problem
103.9km Bill^2 2008-06-22 Detroit, Michigan ~58km 18 miles each way, hope to post stop-motion video of the ride there, taken at 1 frame every 10 seconds from handlebar-mounted camera (sample with other riders here.)
2008-06-23 Detroit, MI 14.4 km 3 miles there, 6 miles back (left from work, returned home)
2008-06-27 Detroit, Michigan 31.5 km
103,9km fivetonsofflax Three longest expeditions
2010-08-11 49 8 41.7km
2011-03-15 49 8 34.1km
2010-04-08 49 8 28.1km
103.2km Bierhefe 2010-11-24 Hamburg, Germany 13.6km (7.8, 5.8) Took the bus for parts of my way home (for a distance of about 2km), also forgot to take a picture of my bike
2011-03-03 Hamburg, Germany 14.09km (8.04, 6.05) Again, took the bus for parts of my way home (for a distance of about 2km). Also, Coordinates not reached. :(
2011-06-01 Hamburg, Germany 19.10km (9.6, 9.5) Took a slightly different route on the way back, as well as mapping some streets for OSM. Coordinates not reached. :(
2011-08-02 Hamburg, Germany 59.4 (29.3, 30,1) Took a different route on the way back.

50 - 100 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
92km Tom Viza 2008-05-24 Sheffield, UK 92km (~45, 4, 43) Distance includes detour for fish & chips
90.2km Klucken 2015-08-16 54 16 8.6km Strzelino, 5,5 km to the west of Słupsk
2015-09-11 54 17 37.5km A field between the villages Grąsino, Karżniczka and Zagórzyca
2015-10-01 54 16 44.1km The wind farm near Noskowo village
90km ElSupreme 2008-06-07 Atlanta, Georgia ~ 90km (69km, 21km) Did not make the entire return trip
85km Evil Monkey 2008-06-15 Christchurch, New Zealand 48 km (18 km one-way) The difference comes from some mountain biking I did before going home.
2008-06-11 Christchurch, New Zealand 37km Forgot to take photo of me with bike but there is a photo of me with bike helmet on.
77.24km DolphinTreasure 2014-10-07 Springfield, IL 48.28km (28.64km, 19km) Needed to be picked up on the way home
2014-10-24 Springfield, IL 22.37km (8km, 14.37km) Detour on way home
2015-05-28 Springfield, IL 6.59km (3.3, 3.3)
68km Kliment 2008-05-31 51 6 68km
66.68km NWoodruff 2010-11-20 34 -83 66.68km I rode more than 6400.0 Km last year [1]
64km Zigdon 2008-06-07 San Francisco, CA ~64km
60km El muerte verde 2009-08-04 Paderborn, Germany ~60km (26.3km, 33.7km) Tron hash
57km Felix 2008-06-03 Hamburg, Germany 33km
2008-06-24 Hamburg, Germany 24km (12km, 12km)
50km Ben and Grace 2008-06-03 41 -71 ~50 km and ~15 km, respectively

1 - 50 km[edit]

Total Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
46km GeorgDerReisende 2017-05-30 Wedemark-Berkhof 46km (35km, 11km)
42km MMlosh 2009-08-21 Wałbrzych/Hradec Králové 42km
(19km, 23km)
Route back was longer because I mapped some new streets in Horní jelení

Route cycled while mapping beyond the hashpoint are not calculated in.

36km Drakon 2008-08-06 Altoona, PA ~36km (21.5km, 14.5km) 13.5 miles to hash, got a flat tire 4.5 miles from home and hitched a ride the rest of the way. The field the hash was located in was off limits. (I was a biohazard, apparently.)
35.5km Thomcat 2012-09-18 Seattle 10.4km Another trip to Greenlake at sunset
2009-11-02 Seattle 14.5km A trip to Greenlake in the light rain
2008-06-28 Seattle 10.6km photo and collected Pub Geohash on the same date
34km Floffe 2008-06-15 Linköping, Sweden 34km (17km, 17km) No picture of me with bike due to only having a phone camera
32.5km CaptainLJS 2008-06-28, Boston 32.5km (16.25km, 16.25km) Proof is coming once others' pictures show up, ask in IRC.
23km H.M.Thunder 2008-06-06 51 5 23km
19.5km Tuttleturtle42 2008-06-11 Boston, MA 19.5 km
18.5km Jand 2012-10-01 51 -1 18.5km
17km Brett 2008-06-08 40 -88 17 km
9.6km hbrx 2008-06-25 Oslo, Norway 9.6 km (5km, 4.6km) left from work, returned home
 ? shenron and noamsml No photographic proof, but can be verified by the people who they met with when they geohashed