2008-06-06 51 5

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Fri 6 Jun 2008 in 51,5:
51.5238146, 5.2954072

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The coordinates of this geohash are

51.523814°, 5.295407° 

The hash was north of Oirschot on a field on private property.



H.M.Thunder (Evie and Sjoerd) jumped on their bike when the sun started shining. They stopped at the La Trappe Abbey for a coffee. In Moergestel they were passed by Guus Moonen who is cycling 10.000 km in 20 days around this village. After 90 minutes (23 km) they arrived at 51.523814°, 5.295407°. A nice field with some cows in it. After a pick nick and a photo session they cycled back home. Feeling good after this successful Bicycle_Geohash.