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Attempted one geohash so far (June 28, 2008 at 40, -77) - turns out Google marks EVERY road including hunting trails not wide enough for a cow, cameras need memory cards, and GPS devices prefer to see the sky as opposed to trees. Had to park the car about two miles(?) from where I intended to drive to. Uphill with roads not quite marked as they were described on the map. Therefore, it took me two hours longer to get there than I planned, so I arrived at the site at 6:00. My parents also came, who did geocaching before geohashing. They also left their camera in the car. Also, the hash location was in a valley with very steep sides. So, I *might* have got to the site (I wandered around the stream that originated around where the hash was), but I certainly couldn't take pictures. Looked like it might have been on private property, furthermore. Mostly state game lands in the surrounding area though. Very pretty. Shame I was cameraless.

Second geohash attempt (August 6, 2008) -