2008-08-06 40 -78

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Wed 6 Aug 2008 in 40,-78:
40.6687880, -78.0544652

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I live in the next graticule over in State College, but this one was far closer. I'm not sure of the name of the next one over. The middle of a field. The farm to which it belonged to seemed beyond private; the sign in their driveway marked me as a biohazard. Guess they've got sensitive plants there. Anyhow, so I went as far as I could (only a few hundred feet from the actual spot, it looks like).


Drakon: Me, my bike, the worlds worst digital camera, my phone, a bottle of tea I grabbed at a Sheetz by my apartment, and a memorized map. Uneventful trip there, but then I got a flat on the way back and had to hitch a ride the last 4.5 miles.


All pictures and complete story were at http://vnum3305.wordpress.com/2008/08/06/geohash-2/ , but that info seems have gone away.