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2008-07-27 47 19

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Sun 27 Jul 2008 in Budapest, Hungary:
47.7862360, 19.1320234

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Date Coordinates
Sun 27 Jul 2008 47.7862360, 19.1320234

[edit] Location

The hashpoint for the graticule was inside the city of Vác, near to the main train station, opposite an old cemetery. It was on an industrial area where I was not allowed to get in. This is a part of the city where i spent a lot of time when I was younger.

[edit] Expedition

Tom - I rode my bike all the way to Vác through the cities and the fields in between, visited the hash site and left soon to the riverside to enjoy the local festival with some nice live music. The more interesting part was getting home, coz I forgot to take any lights with me and i had to ride home in pale moonlight fixing my eyes to the road.

[edit] Pictures

No pictures as i didn't have a camera with me.