2009-02-21 -37 144

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Sat 21 Feb 2009 in -37,144:
-37.8655206, 144.8235131

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The location[edit]

Just inside a house in Upton st, Altona.

Who Went?[edit]


I took the inland / boring / direct route out to Altona, following (almost) google's suggested route (once I modified it enough to avoid CityLink).

We had wind today. 30+ km/h in the city, and more where i was. unfortunatly, it was South or South-Westerly. Can you guess which way I was riding to the hash point? I had a headwind the whole way, with gusts upto 45/50 km/h gusts. Ugh!.

I finally got there about 4:45 (better than last week, but still late).

I took some photo's and left a marker in the form of XKCD spelled out in sticks beside the driveway, but since the hashpoint was inside a house, and I was late anyway, I didn't hang around for long.

I headed towards the beach, with the intention of taking the scenic route home. Half a block away, I came across a suprising pizza joint. Suprising both because it was on a residential st (although there were a couple of shops in a little row) but also because it seemed both quite busy and a little bit up-market.

So I decided to support local business, and have a little bit of pizza for lunch.

The scenic route back was a little longer than the trip out, but quite nice.

After hanging aroud and watching kite-boarders playing off the beach, I rode along the Foreshore trail towards Williamstown. The trail is a pretty good shared path, in good condition, and with nice views of the bay. Unfortunatly it still had (mostly side on) wind. That secction of the trail went past the Williamstown beach, and on into Williamstown proper.

From there it was north along the Maribyrnong River. This was mainly achieved by more shared paths, but sometimes, like last week, the sinage pointing them out was not great. There was some road riding intermingled, either between the path's, or when I missed a section. I got a chance to cross back to the city side of the river on one of the smaller road bridges.

A short way further up the river, I came across an interesting bike path through one suburb. I thought I was further north than where I wanted to be, but after following this path, low and behold, it deposited me exactly where i wanted to be to head back past the city. Nice one random bike path!

That just left me with a short ride (8km or so) around the city as my way home, and I was done.

27 km there, total trip was 64.08 km

myka earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (-37, 144) geohash on 2009-02-21.
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