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2008-06-22 47 19

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in Budapest, Hungary:
47.7465293, 19.2642328

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Date Coordinates
Sun 22 Jun 2008 47.7465293, 19.2642328

[edit] Location

The hashpoint for the graticule was near Vác, between the villages called Váchartyán and Kisnémedi, outside residental areas, on the side of a mound among wheat, maize and rape fields, in a small forest of pines.

[edit] Expedition

Tom - I rode my bike from home to the site. (You can check out my path here, it was a total of 63.9 km / 39.71 mi) The first part of the journey was quite easy, on bike lanes and roads, the close approach made me a bit more sweaty, with up and downhills on dirt roads. I was very much afraid of having a flat tyre because of all the thorns, burrs and thistles, but i went on the right path.

[edit] Pictures