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2013-06-01 52 -1

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Sat 1 Jun 2013 in Birmingham:
52.6477531, -1.1495333

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[edit] Location

A small patch of grass by Anstey Lane in Leicester. Shall we have an urban picnic?

[edit] Participants

Nick Holden

[edit] Plans

Aiming for a 4pm meetup.

[edit] Expedition

Disturbingly easy. Ride in to Leicester via the Great Central Way (lots of people because the Riverside Festival was in full swing in Bede Park), cut across to the geohash point for cucumber sandwiches and then rode home 'the long way' (i.e. by going in the opposite direction for ten kilometres and then heading out into the countryside before a stop for a cup of tea.

[edit] Tracklog

On Strava:

[edit] Photos

[edit] Achievements

Nearly qualified for the Tron achievement. But went up the old GCW segment leading to the Bowstring Bridge, forgetting it had been knocked down four years ago, so had to turn round and go the 'new' way. Oops.

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