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Wed 11 Aug 2010 in 49,8:
49.3196175, 8.3508862

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In a corn field near Hanhofen



This expedition was basically a long bike trip from Heidelberg-Kirchheim to the hashvillage of Hanhofen near Speyer. There were quite a few interesting sights on the way, but I didn't take a lot of photos because the only camera I own is the one in my cell phone, and I would have had to quit the GPS software each time I had wanted to take a photo. I crossed Oftersheim, Hockenheim, Speyer and Dudenhofen on my way to the hash, but mostly I was cycling through woods and open fields.

The hashpoint was located in a corn field, and from where I approached it, it looked pretty dense and impenetrable. There was a woman taking a walk with her child and her dog. I was afraid of looking suspicious and cycled around the area a bit until they were gone. When I had a closer look at the corn field, I noticed the plants were actually arranged in neat lines that were running far enough from each other to allow me to get to the hashpoint easily without doing any damage.

I didn't want to cycle all the way back to Heidelberg after that, so I decided to go to the nearby station of Böhl-Iggelheim instead and take the train from there.





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