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This is the overflow from the Bicycle geohashes page because I shouldn't clog up the whole page.

Total = 1262.10 km in 22 expeditions.

Expedition Distance (there, back) Notes
2008-06-03 Bellingham 41.8km Never crossed the border, took the bus home from White Rock, drenched with rain.
2008-07-05 Surrey 63.2km return Just missed meeting other geohashers.
2008-08-14 Utikuma Lake est. 40km Estimated from position on Google Maps
2008-08-15 Slave Lake 34.8km return Distance known from the turn off.
2008-08-16 Slave Lake 21km Three of which was pushing the bike with a flat tire.
2008-08-17 Utikuma Lake 40.2km return From Google Maps directions
2008-08-21 Slave Lake 28.7km (14.3, 14.4) Not counting the last part done on foot
2008-08-24 Slave Lake 47km Lots of riding back and forth trying to find the access roads
2008-09-13 Maple Falls, WA 129 km (76, 53) Distances given exclude portions on public transit.
2008-09-21 Vancouver & Nanaimo, BC 128.27 km (68, 60) Multihash, distance by ferry not included.
2008-09-27 Everson, WA 114.9 km (86, 29) Took the bus part of the way back
2009-03-05 Vancouver, BC 19.6 km (9.8, 9.8) With picnic basket and Twister game.
2009-03-09 Vancouver, BC 2.5 km (1.25, 1.25) With trailer, and groceries on the way back.
2009-04-05 Lynden, WA 55.9 (forgot to record splits) Took public transit to get over the Fraser River.
2009-04-16 Blaine, WA 53.8 (return) Took transit the rest of the way.
2009-04-18 Nanaimo, BC 44.72 (return) other modes: van & ferry
2009-04-22 Langley, BC 87 km (return) zeroed odometer w/o recording decimal
2009-04-23 Orcas Island, WA 68.0 (return) other modes: car & ferry
2009-04-28 Coquitlam, BC 40.29 (return) outbound partly by SkyTrain, exploring on way back
2009-05-02 to 03 Silver Lake Park, WA 180.73 (96.66, 84.07) Consecutive geohash, camping in between
2009-05-23 Vancouver, BC 21.4 total Designated alternate.