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Wed 24 Nov 2010 in Hamburg (East):
53.5508656, 10.1810708

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On a muddy trail in a little town called Oststeinbek.




Okay, actually we are two persons, me and my gf. But my gf didn't have the time to go with me today, so I went to this geohash alone. This was going to be the very first Geohash I could visit. In the past few weeks there where some near my home, but just that bit too far away to get there (I'm not a very trained cyclist, plus public transportation is very limited in the eastern suburbs of Hamburg) so I was quite happy to learn that todays Geohash would be close enough to actually get there.

Well, when I got home from University I just had time to pack some things (my GPS, something to drink, some food, etc.) and to check out some nearby geocaches.
But I guess we all know it: If you are in a hurry, things will go wrong. I had to inflate my front tire first, then I had to look for my headband and some gloves (it's getting cold outside!). I found the headband about 10 minutes later, but no gloves. Ah well, it isn't THAT cold anyway... off I go! Oh wait! If I plan to bicycle there I should take my cycle with me, right? Grr...

All in all, I wasted 40 minutes to get ready, so it already was 15:40 (3:40 pm) when I finally started my journey.

Luckily I got to my destination point a lot quicker than I originally thought, so it was about 16:20 (4:20 pm) when I arrived. It seemed that nobody else had been here, so I took a picture of my hashcot and my GPS, searched for some nearby geocaches (very unsuccsesful search this time... only found one and I planned to find 5! But it was getting dark, so I actually looked for only three...).






Bierhefe earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (53, 10) geohash on 2010-11-24.
Bierhefe earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 8.1 km to the (53, 10) geohash on 2010-11-24.

Yes, I forgot to take a picture of my bike, but once I upload the track it should be proof enough, because I went a lot faster than I could've done by foot alone (also, I'm not crazy enought to walk the whole way) but a lot slower than I could've if I went there by bus.