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Total Geohasher Expedition Distance Notes
196km Tom 2008-06-22 Budapest, Hungary 64km I rode all the way. (A short detour on the way back to get some ice-cream.) Photo proof here, map here.
2008-06-29 Budapest, Hungary 9km Short one, by train to the nearest village. Map here.
2008-07-27 Budapest, Hungary 40km By bike from home to the hashpoint and back. Map here.
2008-07-31 Budapest, Hungary 17km From train station to another train station. Map here.
2008-08-14 Budapest, Hungary 20km By bike from the pharmacy where i work to the hashpoint and back home. Map here.
2008-10-31 Budapest, Hungary 46km By bike from my home to the hashpoint and back home. Map here.