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Myself, upon achieving the Bicycle Geohash achievement at 2008-06-03_41_-71.

I'm Ben, a native of Providence, Rhode Island, and most of my hashes are in that area. I have freqented the Providence graticule, but I sometimes hit up the Boston graticule (when the hash is southerly enough).

During the school year, I reside in sunny Claremont, California, in the San Bernardino graticule. While I'm generally much busier on the West Coast, and the lay of the land is not very conducive to it, the occasional geohashing attempt may be made.

Unsubstantiated rumors suggest that I'm related to this guy. Any individual discovered to be propagating these rumors will be provided with a free, one-way ticket to the Astral Plane.

Geohashes I've Done[edit]

Achievements I've Achieved[edit]