2019-05-18 50 11

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Sat 18 May 2019 in 50,11:
50.9395597, 11.4087029

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On a field beneath power lines between Mellingen and Lehnstedt, Thuringia, Germany.



Due to good weather after a cold and rainy period Reinhard planned to cycle from Jena to Schleusingerneundorf crabwise. Looking up the hashpoints very quickly concretized his plans. The 50/11 geohash was on the shortest route and only 19 km from the start close to the road from Lehnstedt to Mellingen he has taken hundreds of times. As there was still a detour to be found he looked 70 km westward to find a hashpoint in 50/10 also conveniently located on a field and close to a road. Taking a pleasant route for road cycling it was 88 km distance. From there it will still be around 83 km to Schleusingerneundorf making it 190 km altogether.

The plan sounded reasonably and the weather turned out perfect. After a late breakfast with his family in Jena he headed to hashpoint number one and quickly took the photos for proof before continuing his double mission ...


Strava activity


Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard at the hashpoint.  
Different view from the hashpoint.