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Lol-asg.png 28 / f / 43,-79
Elbie, wearing her "hatscot."

About me[edit]

My name is Elizabeth, and I live in the Toronto graticule. I recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, and am now doing graduate work at the University of Toronto. I'm from Lethbridge, Alberta; and if asked which part of the internet I am from [1], my answer would be

I enjoy biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing, and will happily use any of these modes of transportation to get to a geohash; in addition to kayaking, snowshoeing, busing, SkyTrain-ing, ferrying, and bugging rides off of generous people with cars. My hashscot is a black trilby known as my "hatscot," pictured above.


I've attempted a total of 35 expeditions, 22 of which were successful, in 10 different graticules. I've met 23 registered geohashers so far, and have adventured with 20 of them.


Geohashers met[edit]

Graticules I've Geohashed in[edit]


My list has gotten quite out of date; I will eventually reassemble it.

Other stuff of mine on the Wiki[edit]