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2008-06-27 42 -83

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Fri 27 Jun 2008 in 42,-83:
42.6189459, -83.2306186

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[edit] About

This location is in the middle of a front yard (of what I think is a detached condo neighborhood) west of Squirrel Rd, south of South Blvd.

[edit] Plan

Bill^2: I'm going to try to make this location on my afternoon bike ride. I should be there some time between 5-6pm. If anyone else plans on trying to make it, please post details so we can synchronize timing.

[edit] Pictures

I showed up about 5:30 and scoped out the site. Nobody appeared to be home at the residence, so I navigated to the hash location, snapped my pictures, and departed. (I have pictures of a slightly more accurate GPS fix, but they're nearly too blurry to read.)