2008-06-22 42 -83

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Sun 22 Jun 2008 in 42,-83:
42.7465293, -83.2642328

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This Sunday's hash appears to be very reachable, in Bald Mountain Recreation Area in Lake Orion. There is a parking lot for Skymasters RC Club just to the north of the hash location.

Note: If you don't have a Michigan DNR parking pass, you can park at the southeast corner of Joslyn and Greenshield and make your way over by foot or bike. I'm advised that the wooded area immediately south of the hash location tends to get very, very wet if it's rained even within the last 48 hours. Much of the surrounding area is swampy/marshy.

Skymasters RC Club was well-populated on Sunday at noon, with both gas and electric planes being tested. Some impressive aerobatics were on display, including mid-air tailstands. Bill arrived at 11:30, Carl showed up about noon, and we trekked through a clover field to the hash location.


Bill^2: I'm considering biking up there off of Paint Creek Trail, weather permitting. Anybody else interested?

Carl: Well, I'm gonna try to make it over there. The forecast does call for rain though so keep it in mind. Are we going to try for the normal 4PM meet-up time?

Amy: Close and tempting, but probably can't make it Sunday is busy. Since when were there Sunday meet-ups? I'm confused!

Bill^2: Based on weather forecasts, I'm going to aim for a bit earlier -- probably sometime around noon.

Carl: I'll try to be there around noon then. If I make it, I'll look for that aforementioned "Skymaster's Lot".

Carl and Bill
Skymasters RC Aircraft Club