2009-05-30 51 14

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Sat 30 May 2009 in 51,14:
51.7907899, 14.1342739

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Over the pentecost weekend Manu and I went on holidays to the Spreewald in Brandenburg. We were happy to see that this Saturday's geohash in the 51 14 graticule was not too far from the place where we intended to stay. As we took our bicycles with us, we decided to get there by bike.

Early in the morning we drove from Leipzig to Lübbenau where we could start the bike trip at 10:10 and then followed the Gurkenradweg (cucumber bike path) via Leipe and Raddusch to Vetschau where we left it towards Babow where we reached the hashpoint at 11:42, luckily not located on a muddy field, but right beside it, so that we only had to go for some hundred meters on a field path.

We've only ridden 25 km so far (had to stop for a brunch and made some photo breaks) and because the weather wasn't as bad as predicted, we decided to get back to the Gurkenradweg and follow it for a while further eastward. We passed Burg and went on to Cottbus, enjoying mostly good paved paths. In Cottbus the mean direction changed to north, which took us to Peitz, where it changed to west, so that we finally got closer to Lübbenau. In Burg, after 100 km of cycling we had a longer break for a late lunch at approximately 15:45. Though our butts were hurting slightly, we didn't choose the shortest way back to Lübbenau, but followed the Gurke/cucumber till Lübben, where it was raining a bit, but not too bad. It maybe was 19:00, when we arrived at our vacation home in Lübbenau after 152 km (Manu - new bicycle record!) and 158 km (Reinhard - due to a detour).



Once again - our longest!

Manu and Reinhard earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling to the (51, 14) geohash on 2009-05-30.