2008-06-15 58 15

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Sun 15 Jun 2008 in Linköping, Sweden:
58.4753808, 15.7612767

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Near the boundary of a harvested and a wheat field 5km north of Linghem, 100m off the local road near Mylinge. A pretty good aerial photograph can be seen at Eniro.



Armed with just my bike, my crappy phone camera, a water bottle and a memorised map I came on bike from Linköping. The trip there was very nice weatherwise, not too hot and varied sun and clouds. I arrived around 15:50, left at 16:10. The only few cars I saw just passed by, no other hashers. On the way back I was caught by a bit of rain, and had to seek shelter for five minutes under a tree in someone's garden. They weren't home, though.


sunday's location was on a field just to the north of linköping. nothing to see, really.

Effbot documented this expedition on flickr.