2008-06-28 47 -122

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in Seattle:
47.6581110, -122.3656342

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In a parking area in between Ballard and Fremont, this is one block south of Hale's Brewpub, half a block from the Burke Gilman trail, and right off a major bus route. Can you say Achievements?

Additional - this was the FIRST geohash since the official start date (2008-05-24) to occur within the city limits of Seattle.



Nukewaste is the first to arrive (via public transit), followed shortly by Thomcat on his bike. The hash is determined to be behind a fence, but within the GPS error rating. A few more hashers show up (again via public transit or bike), and we head off to the pub.

At the pub, we all qualify for the Pub Geohash achievement and play a game of Brewmaster, while a velociraptor looks on. More geohashers show up, attracted to our clever placement of high tech gear and a Microsoft t-shirt. We are begrudgingly moved to a different table when even more show up, bringing our attendance to 11.

We drank and ate, and played games. Then found a phone booth.

We were working on the ninth member in the booth, when we were asked to leave, so we returned to the geohash site for a group photo or 4, and a bicycle ride past the spot for the "speed racer" achievement. Movie upload still pending.

A more thorough exploration of the fenced in area is made, and some hashers decide to get even closer to the actual spot.

But after a while, we all went our separate ways, leaving only the vaguest trace of the internet.


Showed up a bit late, still met up with the other hashers for a beer and looped back to the site.


Thanks all for a fun meetup, and thanks Nukewaste for the additional photos. Hopefully one of the 4th-of-July weekend meetups is in a good spot at Rainier or Mt. St. Helens, and we can plan a mass expedition/carpool/caravan.