2009-04-23 52 -0

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Thu 23 Apr 2009 in Northampton:
52.1731974, -0.1564013

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Today's geohash is on the south edge of Waresley Wood, near Little Gransden. The woodland is owned by The Wildlife Trust and is open to the public. In fact, the hashpoint is more-or-less on one of the paths through the wood, so no bushwhacking will be required.

Benjw is intending to cycle from Cambridge to this hashpoint, arriving some time in the early afternoon, depending on what time he gets home from work. If all goes to plan, this will be the first stop on an all-bicycle triple hash, probably the first time this has been done.

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I'll hopefully be able to be home from work by about 1pm at the latest; it depends how it goes. Quick lunch, set off by 1:30pm. Cycle out through Hardwick, Bourne and Caxton. Approximately 25km to the hashpoint, including short walk through woods, so should be able to reach it by about 3pm. Weather forecast predicts some clouds but very little chance of rain, temperature around 17C. Ideal cycling weather.

Expedition (Benjw)[edit]

Everything pretty much as expected. Left home at 1:05pm, cycled 25.5km on the planned route, found a geocache 370m from the hash. Hashpoint was 3m off a path through woodland fully open to the public. Photographic documentation taken, left hashpoint at 2:45pm.

Full report to follow.