2008-06-24 53 9

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Tue 24 Jun 2008 in 53,9:
53.6568556, 9.7411095

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The coordinates of this geohash are

53.656855630923445, 9.741109459715217

The hash was south "Appen" in a sawmp.


Hermann and Felix were there:
It was a sunny day and medium temperatures. All in all ideal weather for a small bikeride. We reached the fields south from "Appen" without any troubles. As we got closer, the land turned out not to be fallow ground but a swamp covered with reed and nettels. We circumwent the area but didn't find a way to the hash. Therefore, we estimated the nearest point and took our photos there:

Technical details:

  • Distance: 24km (12km respectively)