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Wed 6 Aug 2008 in 53,9:
53.6955611, 9.6856220

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  • Coordinates: 53.69556107480375, 9.685621951261334
  • Near town: Pinneberg
  • Surroundings: Fields, a small forest, a pond and a churchyard
  • Weather: Cloudy, extremely muggy

The hash is on a field in the corner of a copse near "Tornesch"


Hermann was there:
I started at about 17:00 heading north. I stopped by the old people's home I was forced to work for the civilian service. There was a barbecue so they gave me a rissole and a banana on the way (I feel like this is the first time the civilian service got me something positive). At the half of the distance I crossed a junction that connected a dead end to the main road. Nothing to it.
After 15km, I passed a group of buildings surrounded by a huge fence. It was a school, I guess, but it looked so dull that I wondered if it could be a prison. On the other hand every cardriver knows that children are dangerous and must be safely contained. Everyone knows the signs saying "Vorsicht Kinder"...
As I came closer to destination I found out that I forgot to bring my GPS. Having learned from my further expeditions I however had a map. I then found out that a new housing estate was built recently and they even had changed the name of the road I was looking for. Geohashing is much mure interesting when you are not sure where you are. Proceeding to the hash I stumbled over an abandoned gravestone family Fox's shallow grave. Near the hash there was a graveyard and a scrapyard. Obviously the scrapyard was used to get rid of old gravestones. I should have constructed a marker with the obsolete gravestones, bur unfortunately I forgot to build a marker in the first place.
I reached the spot and took photos. I gathered some blackberries, looked for a nice place to picnic and ate them among the food I was given. The meatball was very wet and fungeous - exactly what old people like to eat. At least the sky looked impressive.

Technical details:

  • Trip: 42 km
  • Time: 2:05:23 h
  • Mean speed: 20.1 km/h
  • Geonad: approx. 0m