Halle (Saale), Germany

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Braunschweig Magdeburg Brandenburg
Nordhausen Halle (Saale) Leipzig
Schweinfurt Erfurt Chemnitz

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This graticule covers the Southern area of the German Bundesland Sachsen-Anhalt and also a small part of Thüringen. Besides the Lower Harz and Kyffhäuser mountain ranges in the graticule's west, the terrain is relatively flat. The only big cities are Halle and Erfurt (partly in the graticule), smaller ones include Naumburg, Sangerhausen, Eisleben, Bernburg and Halberstadt.

According to Land usage, there are the following chances for the position of hash points:

72.44%	Fields
11.35%	Forests
9.35%	Roads
2.88%	Highways
2.74%	Natural reserves
0.95%	Settlements
0.30%	Water


[edit] Local Geohashers

  • pari (from time to time)

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[edit] Hashpoints

Arrow2.png 2008-08-03 51 11 - Juja earned the Virgin Graticule achievement for this graticule on the most depressing stubble field of Germany.
Arrow2.png 2008-09-06 51 11 - Bike expedition to a hash point near Halberstadt. ---pari
Arrow2.png 2008-09-26 51 11 - Afterwork expedition by Juja.
Arrow2.png 2008-11-10 51 11 - Yet another afterwork expedition by Juja, without any proof this time.
Arrow2.png 2009-01-18 51 11 - Sunday trip by Juja to almost the same place as last time, but a lot harder to get there. Anyway, this time at least supported by Manu and Reinhard.
Arrow2.png 2009-01-25 51 11 - I go for consecutive Sunday geohashes! Already the next trip, and almost the same location, but much better weather, and therefore, a long way home... ---Paintedhell
Arrow2.png 2009-05-13 51 11 - Reinhard did a 112 km bike trip to (and back from) Roßleben.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-17 51 11 - Reinhard did a 145 km bike trip to (and back from) Bad Frankenhausen and found the hashpoint in a military area.
Arrow2.png 2009-06-27 51 11 - Another June Hash for Juja which would have been too easy to miss.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-07 51 11 - Reinhard was on the way to Leipzig and took the bike out of his car for a short trip to the hashpoint.
Arrow4.png 2009-07-16 51 11 - Reinhard couldn't get to the hashpoint on that 91 km bike trip, because it was in a field.
Arrow2.png 2009-07-21 51 11 - Manu and Reinhard went on that short evening bike trip to Apolda.
Arrow2.png 2009-08-28 51 11 - srs0, thepiguy and Danatar visited a field near Morl-Möderau in darkness.
Arrow2.png 2009-09-30 51 11 - Reinhard cycled through the night and got a flat tyre.
Arrow4.png 2009-11-07 51 11 - Reinhard passed this hashpoint while cycling to Leipzig, but it was too far into a field.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-04 51 11 - Reinhard fought the snow dunes.
Arrow2.png 2010-02-22 51 11 - Juja and Reinhard cycled independently to the hashpoint and met there.
Arrow2.png 2010-11-25 51 11 - Mampfred and Rincewind had a picnic near Sömmerda in the fields.
Arrow2.png 2011-01-23 51 11 - Juja went on the second cycling tour in 2011.
Arrow2.png 2011-02-21 51 11 - Mampfred and Rincewind visit another frozen field.
Arrow2.png 2011-04-23 51 11 - TheOneRing went to a field near Mücheln
Arrow2.png 2012-03-18 51 11 - TheOneRing was nearby a lake near Wegeleben
Arrow2.png 2012-03-18 51 11 - TheOneRing was again in Halle
Arrow2.png 2012-12-30 51 11 - TheOneRing was on a field near Quenstedt

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