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Sat 10 May 2014 in 51,11:
51.3946230, 11.5524217

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The Hash seems to be on a field near Gatterstädt and Querfurt. Let's hope the crop is not high. :)




Yay. Saturday meetup coordinate within reach. Anyone up? I will ride my bike to the place. The weather forecast at the moment shows rain in the late afternoon/early evening so I will aim for an early arrival at sometime around noon. Unless someone wants to meet.


As planned I started my trip early to avoid the bad weather in the afternoon. The way to the hash was dominated by a lot of headwind, so I not only could tell by looking at the sky where the rainclouds came from, I also could feel it. As a side-note let me say, that just because your life gets hard by headwind, you won't feel it get easier by tailwind. Especially when you are tired and exhausted. :)

My choice of route didn't take the wind factor into account so it was a pretty open route with no forest to hide. At one point I took a wrong turn in a small town and when I stopped to check where I made a mistake a car stopped next to me and asked for directions. They asked for a village which I wanted to pass as well so I could help them. Finally I got close to Querfurt, where I wanted to visit the castle. I had to push my bike twice because a path suddenly ended and ones I followed a sign to the castle which lead the cars around the city. Because it was a busy and fast rode at a bridge I decided to carry by bike down to the crossing small road which led directly to the castle.

There was not much going on in the castle, the clouds got darker so I just took some pictures and went on. My hope to be able to see the hash from the castle turned out not to be the case. So on I went and because I underestimated the distance between the castle and the hash I thought I got lost in one point, but a quick look on my GPS told me I was just where I wanted to be. So I went up the dirt road right next to the field with the hash, left my bike and walked the last 100m to the hash. The crops were quite high so I had to walk a little bit silly to not to do to much damage. I took some pictures and started my way back.

I came through a small valley which no one used for quite some time. So there was high grass and deep tracks and I couldn't cycle because I would hit the ground if I did. Ones I was back on a road I stopped to ask for directions. I didn't quite went the way I wanted to, but my choice wasn't to bad. I finally reached a small town again where I came by a bus stop. I took a small break to eat because my body was starting to feel quite exhausted again. I really need to learn to take proper breaks.

Continuing I started with a nice ride down the hill and ended up on a route I walked before. Just different direction this time, so I knew the rest of the way end ended up back home just in time before the rain started. Another 60km in 5hours accomplished.