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Thu 25 Apr 2013 in 51,11:
51.0364621, 11.7482232

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Some 100 meters into a field near Schleuskau, Thuringia, with a 50/50 chance of No Trespassing because of growing things...


  • Juja, Sterni and Schweini


Although it was possible that this Geohash would be unreachable in the middle of a field (I don't wanna destroy the harvest!) I thought I'd give it a try - the weather was exceedingly fine and there were still some more of Manu's and Reinhard's Hashcots I hadn't taken for a ride :)

Started after work, reached Schleuskau without problems and fortunately also found a tractor track on the field so I could walk almost to the point without killing any of the plants. Thanks to our late spring there was only tiny wheat, so also the last meters could be (carefully) done and I successfully reached the point.

The way back was a little faster since I somehow calculated wrong and underestimated the time I'd need to get to the actual Hash in addition to the time I'd cycle to Schleuskau and back, so I had to hurry a bit to be back on time for my other evening plans - no problem, since most of the way back went downhill :)


Welcome to Schleuskau, home of the biggest rattan armchair of Thuringia!  
Hashpoint reached!  
View back towards (the graveyard of) Schleuskau.  
The other direction: wind turbines...  
Sterni and Schweini at the point. They're rattling merrily. All the time.  
This field could sure use some rain!  
More War of the Wind Turbines on my way home.  
Stopping by at last week's Hash again.