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Thu 1 May 2014 in 51,11:
51.5439160, 11.5564726

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The Hash seems to be right next to a shed on private property. So might be a chance for no trespassing or ambassador achievement.




I will take my bike as early as possible since the weather seems to be bad in the afternoon. And by early I mean that I won't start before 9AM. :)


As planned I started pretty early, sometime around 9:30am. The biggest part of the way, I already knew because I've been taking it 10 years ago and more a couple times with family and friends. I was constantly worrying about the weather but I actually sometimes had sunshine. After some up and down I finally reached Seeburg. It has a castle and can be nice to relax at the lake. I decided to just take a picture and go on. Overall I was pretty fast because I knew the way and didn't have to stop for orientation breaks. Only the last 4kms were new and I took a wrong turn ones and had to carry and push my bike for 100m to get back on the right track. But because of that I came by the dead raccoon.

Shortly after I reached the fence where the coordinates lay behind. Unfortunately the owners where not there and there was a sign saying something about a dog but I made some noise and it didn't show up. After some thinking I still decided against jumping the fence and took some pictures. Than a black cat showed up going in the direction of the coordinates and I was lucky enough to get a picture of it. Shortly after that I decided to drive back home because I saw some dark clouds approaching.

I decided for a different way and managed to take a wrong turn and end up in a dead end where a house in the middle of nowhere in the forest showed up. To my surprise there were people living there and they got me back on the right track. Than I drove up a longer hill to avoid the up and down on my way back. The dark clouds came closer and I could hear some thunder. So I decided against a break and some food which turned out to be a bad decision. The last 10km were pretty painful and exhausting but I managed to arrive home before the rain. There I felt like eating a complete pig so I prepared myself some food.

So the expedition was a fail reaching the coordinates but it was a success having a nice bike trip over 4h and 60kms.