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Sun 21 Mar 2010 in 51,11:
51.0357446, 11.5903695

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On a field near the village of Wormstedt - probably muddy because rain was predicted for the whole day.


  • Juja
  • A Ninja Hasher
  • A family of March Hares

Expedition: Juja[edit]

This expedition was planned long enough: I knew the coordinates already on Friday, and as my Ninja friend had got us a car for the weekend, it would be easy to drop by on our way home on Sunday.

So on Sunday after the gorgeous lunch at my parents', we started off to the North again. We just wanted to drop by at the Ninja parents, but when we arrived there, a huge rainstorm began, so we did not hurry at all but started driving to the hash only in the evening. Thanks car navigation and Edgie, we found the right way near the street and it was starting to get dark.

We parked the car and walked off. The first part of the way was paved, but while the dotted line on the Edgie display went on in the same fashion, the way disappeared at some small hut and after that there was only the muddy field I had already foreseen. But that didn't shock us, because our attention was captured by something a lot better: a family of hares (March Hares, of course) watching us on our way! Hares, hooray! Unfortunately, they were too fast for my camera, but who cares - the point was reached!


Menacing wind engines using the storm.  
Karl sitting at the exact point.  
Blurred proof of coordinates (poor, deranged camera...)  
Small building on the way to the hash.