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Wed 28 Sep 2011 in 51,11:
51.0141130, 11.0926708

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Unfortunately Mampfred isn't in the area but he's done his best to force suggest that Rincewind could get it after work. And he might even be able to bring a drag-CA-along with him that Mampfred's trying to get for a while now ...


Well, Mampfred succeeded in "motivating" me and 5h31d0n joined me, letting himself be the dragalong.

We went there by tram and bus, which instantly reminded me of why I like cars so much. The tram was late (and we ran to the stop to catch it...), leading us to miss the connecting bus, much to my annoyance.

The bus travel itself was just minutes, since the hashpoint was in Kerspleben, just about 4km outside Erfurt. When we arrived, we (correctly) guessed the greater direction from the aerial photos and started activating the GPS unit.

When we reached the field road we looked for the hash point (~700m) and walked on. The nearer we went, the clearer it got that there was no further path to the hash point but walking over the field. Since this was freshly sewn in with some sort of grain (assumedly) it did not seem a good idea to walk some 250m into the field and back. Hence we poutingly (well, me) turned around. Minutes later, we met the farmer in his tractor, sewing in one track where the seed had not sprung and going back the exakt same way... Obviously he, too, didn't want to drive over the fresh plants, so even if shoes and a tractor aren't quite the same thing, the decision to abort probably was better.

We then realized how really great the bus connections were, teaching me the difference between "regular" and "frequent" in public transport once again. I cycled home, leaving 5h31d0n to wait for the bus to another burg where a friend had to fetch him. I more or less "promised" the next hash will be reachable when I/we drag him along. We'll see (and hope)...




Is it true that Rincewind and 5h31d0n earned the Land Geohash, Public transport and drag-along achievements?
In principle, yes.
But tides of grain sprung up at (2011-09-28 51 11).