Braunschweig, Germany

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Hamburg (West) Hamburg (East) Schwerin
Hannover Braunschweig Magdeburg
Kassel Nordhausen Halle (Saale)

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The Braunschweig graticule is at latitude 52, longitude 10. In the north it includes the south eastern part of the Lueneburg Heath. In the south it includes the cities of Braunschweig and Wolfsburg and reaches the northern edge of the Harz Mountains.

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According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

53.37%	Fields
20.45%	Forests
14.27%	Natural reserves
6.25%	Roads
3.02%	Settlements
2.59%	Highways
0.04%	Water

Recent Expeditions[edit]

For all expeditions in this graticule, see Braunschweig, Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-18 - Fippe - located in a forest between Unterlüß and Suderburg.
Arrow2.png 2018-09-09 - Fippe - located on a field near Ehlershausen.
Arrow2.png 2018-08-13 - Fippe - located on a field near Ehlershausen.
Arrow2.png 2017-02-15 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay on the northern entrance of the children's playing ground Qu...
Arrow2.png 2016-07-03 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay on an edge of a field north of Wendhausen.
Arrow4.png 2015-12-17 - - Somewhere
Arrow2.png 2015-06-15 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay behind a fence at some ponds in Bockenem.
Arrow2.png 2015-04-28 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies on the Großer Steinberg in the southern end of the munici...
Arrow2.png 2015-03-27 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies on the county road from Burgdorf to Otze.
Arrow2.png 2015-03-18 - Fippe - located on a field near Groß Düngen.
Arrow2.png 2014-11-10 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lay at the crossing of Hannoversche Heerstraße and Windmühlenstraß...
Arrow4.png 2014-10-24 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies in the fields south of Bettmar. This means the Bettmar lying...
Arrow2.png 2014-08-01 - Danatar - in a partially harvested wheat field near Winnerstedt. Country: Germany; s...
Arrow4.png 2013-11-05 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies on the street Berger Weg in Hermannsburg, county Celle.
Arrow2.png 2013-10-29 - the wife, Pastori - In a field in Wendhausen.
Arrow4.png 2013-10-25 - GeorgDerReisende - in the forest near Allersehl, county Gifhorn
Arrow2.png 2013-09-05 - GeorgDerReisende - The hash lies in the forest in the southeastern direction of Salzgitter-Lic...
Arrow4.png 2013-01-19 - Cbounce - Halfway between Gifhorn and Braunschweig, in a field
Arrow2.png 2013-01-17 - mw, Cbounce - In the middle of a small patch of forest south of Braunschweig
Arrow2.png 2012-11-25 - TheOneRing - located on a field near Königslutter am Elm.
Arrow2.png 2012-04-05 - Draradech - In a meadow near Dollbergen.
Arrow4.png 2011-09-01 - Ekorren - Burgdorf near Hannover, a freshly sown field.
Arrow2.png 2010-12-24 - his dad, mtu - On a frozen field between Lehrte and Peine, in the Landkreis of Braunschwei...
Arrow2.png 2009-11-13 - Ekorren - In the Elm near Warberg, the actual place belongs to Schöningen. It's ...
Arrow4.png 2009-05-21 - Chrismz - The Geohashing Day's hashpoint in the Braunschweig graticule happend to be ...